How to Prescreen Auto Mechanics in Rochester, NY
How to prescreen an auto mechanic in Rochester

How to prescreen an auto mechanic in Rochester

Perhaps one of the most expensive parts of owning a vehicle is having to repair it when things go wrong. If you have experience in this area it’s a lot cheaper to do it yourself, but for a lot of people this isn’t a viable option. This is when you turn to a professional auto mechanic who knows the ins and outs of what makes a vehicle tick. The only problem is that some auto mechanic shops care more about money than actually making your vehicle run a lot more smoothly. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure that a certain auto mechanic won’t try to scam you.


The Internet has made this a lot easier with websites like Yelp, which contains nothing but customer reviews of various businesses in locations from all over the world. You can try searching for your local auto mechanic through Yelp and see if other people have had experience with them. If the mechanic has consistently good ratings and reviews, then they may be worth the time and money to visit. Just as long as you stay with reputable auto mechanics (for instance, Seasonall Automotive Center or similar), you shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’re ripping you off somehow.

Visiting the Location

Of course, an even better way of seeing if an auto mechanic is legitimate is to visit the location and seeing how they take care of, organize, and deal with other customers. If you notice any messiness or poorly maintained facilities, it should give you caution since the job of repairing a vehicle requires a lot of attention to detail. And if their workplace looks disorganized, their work is likely to be the same way. For something as complex as a vehicle, being disorganized is the last thing that you would want.


You also want to go with auto mechanics who have professional/academic certification for auto repair in Rochester. This isn’t a 100% accurate indicator of service quality, but those who have received plenty of formal training in this field will be far more likely to do a good job on vehicle repairs in the field. So while credentials might not always directly correlate with good service, it certainly helps quite a bit. With a shop like Seasonall, for example, their auto mechanics have received quite a bit of training in their field, and they all have a lot of real-world experience that will translate to your vehicle operating as smoothly as possible.

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