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Rochester New York Auto Air Conditioning Service

In the blaze of summer heat, no one wants to drive around in a car that blows hot air when it should blow cold air. When you’re car’s air conditioning unit fails, who do you call?

The professionals at Seasonall Automotive Center are Rochester NY auto air conditioning experts. We know the necessity for a well functioning a/c system in a vehicle. The summer heat is too much to endure at times, so make sure to check your car’s air conditioning before the hot weather hits and you have to wait to get it repaired. Be ahead of the game and get your a/c checked now.

Auto air conditioning repair has to be done by a professional. We can help you with your a/c issues because we know the ins and outs of various car a/c units and will get your vents blowing cold air in no time. A lot of people assume that vehicle a/c repair will cost a lot of money, but in many cases the repair is simple and inexpensive. With our 40 plus years of automotive repair experience, we guarantee that we can assess your a/c unit’s needs in no time and can repair it before the hot summer weather knocks you out.

Rochester NY Auto Air Conditioning Services

In order to keep your a/c in working condition, you need to maintain it. We are at your a/c service! Give us a call and we can answer via phone call any of your questions. But, if you know how valuable a well-working a/c unit is, and you cannot afford to sweat each time you get in your car to go somewhere, then bring your car in and get your a/c repaired.

Tip: don’t wait until your a/c is blowing hot air before you get it checked. If you notice that your car’s a/c puts out a bad odor, then you should bring it to us for an assessment. Maybe you can nip the problem in the bud before your a/c completely fails. Take your vehicle in to our shop when you first notice it declining. What may be a simple fix to start with, could develop into something more serious and cause permanent damage to your car’s a/c unit.

Seasonall Automotive Center offers a full range of services including:

We work on all makes and models. We offer dependable, honest, affordable service to Rochester and the surrounding communities for auto air conditioning repair and many other services. If you car or truck is not giving you 100% than you are not getting everything you can out of your vehicle.

Seasonall Automotive Center can help get your a/c blowing cold again and let you get 100% out of your vehicle!

Call us now at (585) 424-1052 to speak with our friendly, informed staff about your vehicle. Or fill out one of our simple contact forms for your convenience.