NYS Inspections

NYS Inspections in Rochester NY

Everybody who owns and drives a vehicle that is registered in the state of New York is required by law to undergo an annual safety and emissions inspection. Allow us to help you pass your inspection and stay safe on the roads of New York.
Services Performed:

  • Your seat belts will be checked for adequate function and anchorage.
  • We will check to make sure that your air bag warning lamp is functioning properly.
  • Your horn will be checked for proper mounting and function.
  • Your mirrors will be checked for cracks, breaks, functions, and proper mounting.
  • Your braking system will be thoroughly inspected. If any cracks or leaks are found Seasonal Automotive Center can offer you any type of brake repair service you may need.
  • Your light system will be checked for proper mounting and function.
  • Your windshield, windows, wipers, and blades will all be checked for cracks and function.
  • The entire front end assembly of your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected.
  • A thorough emissions inspection will be conducted as well.

Should you fail any of the aforementioned inspections, Seasonall Automotive Center, will be more than happy (and we also more than capable) to perform any repairs or adjustments your vehicle may need.