What is the Importance of Winter Tires in Rochester, NY?

Importance of Winter TiresIt can seem to be a bit of a hassle to have to switch out your tires in the winter months but it could save your life! Winter tires should be a very important part of your regular maintenance. Even all season tires are not as good at protecting you and your family in foul winter weather.

Many people do not realize the importance of winter tires and they sort of skip that part of their vehicle maintenance because they do not understand that neglecting their tires can leave them in dire straits when they least expect it.

What They Do?

Winter tires are made to hold the roadway better. They repel moisture in the road and can really get a hold on the road even when there is snow on the ground. All weather tires may not hold on to the road the same way winter tires will!

They are built to stand up to bad road conditions and can keep you safe in even the worst winter weather. These tires are more durable than all weather or summer tires. Summer tires or fair weather tires are typically made to withstand the heat and are built for speed while winter tires are built to be more durable in the cold winter months.

Summer or all season tires have the tendency to crack from the cold while winter tires can withstand very cold temperatures without showing any signs of cracking!

Winter Tires May Save a Life

Winter roads can be very dangerous. You are dealing with snow and ice that sometimes you can not even see. Many times the snow becomes packed down and turns into ice, new snow falls and covers the ice. Having the right tires can keep you on the road where you need to be!  You also want to make sure to check the pressure of your tires in the winter months.

The only thing between you and the road are your tires it is important that you have the right tires on your vehicle to protect you and your loved ones from a tragedy. Winter tires are well worth the investment especially if you live in an area where you see frequent bad winter weather.

Turn overs, running into guard rails, running off the road and hitting other cars are a very real possibility on winter roads having winter tires can greatly reduce your risk! The life you save by investing in winter tires can be your own or someone else’s.

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